E-lexa is now available on Apple devices. Use your iTunes account, your iPod or iPhone to subscribe to E-lexa, for the latest and best legal content streamed directly to you. You can also access the podcast channel online by clicking here.

How to subscribe using iTunes

1. Open iTunes
2. Search for 'E-lexa'
3. Click 'subscribe'

E-lexa itunes screenshot 2.jpg

4. E-lexa will appear in your podcast library
5. Click on an episode to listen

E-lexa itunes screenshot 1.jpg

How to subscribe on your iPhone or iPod

1. Open the app store
2. search for 'podcasts'
3. Download the Apple Podcasts app
4. Open the Podcasts app
. Search for 'e-lexa'


6. Click on the E-lexa podcast channel
7. Click 'subscribe'
8. Go to My Podcasts
9. Click on E-lexa and listen